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How to Connect Wireless Speakers to Receiver?

Wireless speakers are not only fashionable but also useful and versatile. That’s why the question of how to connect wireless speakers to a receiver has become essential and relevant. The receiver is the center of the home multimedia system, and wireless speakers are a great addition to it.

Nowadays, remote speakers have become convenient for use in apartments and houses. You do not need to bother with many cables and think about how you can walk through the room without getting your foot caught in another wire.

Although remote speakers offer comfort, they still lack the power a receiver can show. So, let’s examine the benefits and options we have when connecting remote speakers.

Wireless speakers: Benefits and Convenience

  • Extensive coverage
  • The wireless setup offers the ability to cover extensive areas of your place, as modern remote speakers provide a great range without losing signal strength and quality.

  • Convenience
  • Since wireless speakers require no wires to connect, you can easily place them in any room.

  • Going modern
  • It is a modern device. So to say, “a child of its time.” That’s why every modern person should have it.

AV Receiver Connection Options

AV receiver connection options

Let’s discuss the most popular and convenient means of a wireless speaker connected to the receiver. Choose the most convenient one for you and use it!


To connect your remote speakers to an AV receiver via Wi-Fi, you must ensure each device supports it. For example, receivers that support HEOS, Google Chromecast, Sonos, and MusicCast are great.


It is the most convenient way of connecting speakers to a receiver. In addition, modern models of receivers come with built-in Bluetooth support, which allows you to connect your speakers without problems.

RCA Cable

This setup also uses Bluetooth, but it is a bit more complicated. First, you must connect your Bluetooth speaker’s input to the receiver’s RCA output. Then, pair the speaker with your mobile device. After the connection, you will have access to all streaming capabilities.

AUX adapters

This option is great for older-tier AV receivers. In this case, you will need a cheap Bluetooth adapter. Plug it via 3.5 mm AUX input into the receiver. Some receivers support only 6.5 mm AUX. In this case, you must consider getting a 6.5 to 3.5 mm adapter beforehand. When the connection is established, redirect the sound to AUX, and everything is set.

Stereo Receiver Connection Options

stereo receiver connection options

While AV receivers come with a ton of various connectors and options, on the other hand, their stereo counterparts have fewer options. Yet, it doesn’t mean that adding wireless speakers to a receiver is not possible.


This option is similar to the one with AV receivers. The connection won’t be a problem if the receiver has built-in Bluetooth. In this case, simply follow the instructions.


Connect the speaker with RCA, pair it with your device—enjoy the beautiful sound from the wireless speaker processed by the receiver.

Final thoughts

Having modern fancy wireless speakers, don’t have the hassle of changing the receiver. Unless it is an actual dinosaur, chances are that you still will have an opportunity to enjoy your wireless speakers without changing the receiver. I hope my article helped you and you will keep up with the times!

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