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What to Do With Old Stereo Equipment?

Regardless of how expensive and technological your old AV receiver was, sooner or later, it gets old. Perhaps, that’s what already happened. But did age render it useless? Well, not at all! Let’s look at what to do with an old AV receiver.

Highlighting the problem

old stereo equipment

Firstly, it may seem logical to throw it away into the garbage can and be done with it. Yet, there is a better and more effective solution. Tossing out old gear is simple but only partially correct. One should be responsible when disposing of unwanted electronics, as it may devastate nature and ecology.

A profitable path

Onkyo old receiver

As you can see, dealing with an old AV receiver is a bit more complex than just throwing it away. However, you can benefit socially and economically.

  1. Turn it into a backup solution
  2. There is no point in disposing of an old AV receiver right after buying a new one, especially if you have a place for it in another room. In this case, you can create a full-blown setup in another room using the old AV receiver. The additional room with quality audio can be a great way to add more entertainment to your place.

  3. Sell it at a Sale
  4. It is in our nature to love bargains, and getting one is why people come to garage or yard sales. It’s an excellent opportunity to earn profits from your old audio gear and meet other hi-fi audio fans.

  5. Sell it on eBay
  6. Sometimes one doesn’t even need to leave their apartment to score a great deal. eBay offers this, as it has become a popular platform for selling products. Some even use it to make money for living there. In our case, with a bit of time, you may sell the old gear for a reasonable price.

  7. Giving away
  8. Finally, if you want to avoid searching for the optimal ways to sell the equipment and feel like a charity, you can donate the old gear to someone. It can be your friends, local school, charity organization, or even church. Depending on the price of the donated equipment, you may get your hands on a federal income tax deduction.

Recycling programs

Pioneer old receiver

If a donation is not an option, and you don’t want to spend time selling things, you may choose one of the AV receiver recycling programs (RP). There are plenty of those. The most prominent ones are:

  1. LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba RP
  2. These companies united under the banner of the green revolution, combining their recycling programs. The finest option is if you have a receiver produced by one of these companies.

  3. The Best Buy RP
  4. This general recycling program affects many electronic devices, AV receivers included. A great option for any other, rather than previous manufacturers.

  5. The U.S. Post Office RP
  6. This program is excellent for small items, batteries, mp3 players, and other small electronic devices. Recycling the old home entertainment system may not suit, but it is an excellent choice for small parts.

  7. The Office Depot and Staples RP
  8. Another program that primarily focuses on small electrical consumables. Yet, it may also come in handy when dumping the old AV receiver.

Concluding words

Your old home entertainment system is far from useless, especially if you know how to use it right. And even if you are tired of it and want to dispose of it as soon as possible, this article may come in handy. I highlighted the paths you can take to get rid of the old equipment and benefit from it. So choose the one that suits your ways more and join the green revolution by being responsible.

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